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As the new academic year begins, so does the Academy school audit season. Delegates have been brimming with excitement during recent Insight Training courses! Here are five things that you must remember to do over the next few months to ensure that your audit files are compliant:

  1. Challenge pension numbers

 Because Local Government Pension Scheme

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Important changes in pension accounting

Spring 2019 has seen a flurry of guidance about pension accounting. The changes are ‘niche’ and will not affect all organisations but will be impactful where they do apply. Here is a summary of the important issues arising:

More changes to FRS 102?

Revisions to FRS 102 published in May 2019 affect organisations that have multi-employer defined

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Gift aid payments in charitable groups

Gift aid payments in charitable groups

Accounting for gift aid payments in charitable groups truly is the gift that keeps on giving (!) and is a topic that we’ve covered in previous blogs, notably in September 2018.

Here’s a quick reminder of the basics, which were established last year:

  • When subsidiary profits are gift-aided to a parent
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Professional Scepticism – Easier Said than Done?!

A number of the auditing ‘scandals’ that have hit the press in recent months (in particular those concerning Carillion and BHS) have reopened the debate on whether auditors exhibit real professional scepticism.

Although auditing standards require it, it is not particularly well defined and therefore a tough nut to crack. On recent Insight Training courses, we

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On audit update courses that Insight Training have run during the Autumn, there has been much discussion about bank confirmations. The withdrawal of the FRC’s Practice Note 16 will lead to more flexibility of audit approach in this area. But the Patisserie Valerie case, where £20M of borrowings materialised that no-one was aware of, will

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A Question of Ethics

It’s been a tough period for the audit profession, with a number of the bigger firms hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons. A recurring theme in a number of the cases has been independence and objectivity, and compliance with the Financial Reporting Council’s (FRC) Ethical Standard (ES). Here are seven key themes, all

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Although FRS 102’s triennial review has been generally well received, one issue covered, that has been quite vexatious to some, has been that of payments made by subsidiaries to their charitable parents that qualify for gift aid. Here is a summary of the issue and some of the questions that we, at Insight Training, have

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Accounting for and Auditing Charities

Our charities workshops and courses are extremely popular. For clients who want an update, there are always new developments to discuss, in view of regular changes to accounting rules (SORP), auditing standards and guidance for independent examiners issued by the charity regulators. We also deliver

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Practice Regulation

Running an accounting practice these days is challenging as there are a wide range of rules and regulations to address before even contemplating fee-earning work. Workshops in this area focus on new hot topics and aspects that we know firms get challenged on regularly during

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UK GAAP and IFRS Updates

There has been a torrent of changes to UK GAAP and IFRS rules in recent years. Our update courses and workshops explain in practical terms what the rules mean and how to apply them, whether you’re a finance professional working in practice or in industry.

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