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Professional Scepticism – Easier Said than Done?!

A number of the auditing ‘scandals’ that have hit the press in recent months (in particular those concerning Carillion and BHS) have reopened the debate on whether auditors exhibit real professional scepticism.

Although auditing standards require it, it is not particularly well defined and therefore a tough nut to crack. On recent Insight Training courses, we

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Developing Personal Effectiveness

How can you develop your effectiveness in the workplace?  This highly interactive workshop will take you through a series of practical exercises and case studies which will help you to focus on your strengths and develop strategies to overcome areas of weakness.  Learn how to manage your time more effectively by

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Working Collaboratively

This highly practical workshop focuses on team roles and development, influencing others, managing conflict, effective collaboration and assertive behaviour. We ran this workshop for the graduate intake of an international bank. Delegates were beginning their second year of work and the purpose was to develop their personal

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Effective Presentation Skills

This workshop focuses on the key skills needed to present with impact. It looks at the structure of presentations, content and visual aids, body language, vocal techniques, dealing with nerves and handling difficult questions. Delegates practise delivering short presentations and are given individual feedback.

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Business Report Writing

Report writing is an essential business skill. This workshop helps you to understand the elements of a high quality business report. It enables you to structure and write simply and effectively in a style to suit your audience. We have recently used this workshop to

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Communicating Financial Information

This workshop provides participants with a practical insight into the skills required by finance professionals to ensure they achieve maximum impact when communicating with key business stakeholders. Using client specific information the workshop focuses on bringing figures, data and trends to life in different presentation formats and

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